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※Technical Support
  • Firefox Add-on
    • If you use Firefox, you can download the add-on of ACCESS and search Chinese characters more quickly.
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  • System Error Report
    • If you encounter any system error when using this system or detect a missing character, picture, mistakes in character information, please report the errors or mistakes to us. We will fix the problems as soon as possible. Thank you!


      Error Description:

  • Contact Developers
    • If you have any suggestions or would like to propose a collaboration offer, please contact us:

      Lin, shenhsiung
      Mandarin Training Center, National Taiwan Normal University
      Phone: +886-2-7734-5165
※Web Service:
The system’s database is a web service, and provided to TCSL research teams to use free of charge. The function of each tool is introduced below.
Please mark the source of quotation when quoting the search result of the database.
If you need authorization for commercial use, please contact us.
  • Chinese Character Database
    • MTC_Hanzi.asmx

      function GetWordData()
      Provide information on 35,841 Chinese characters, including radicals, number of strokes, structure, components, Mandarin phonetics(including polyphone), Pinyin (including polyphone).
  • Image Database of Chinese Characters
    • GetImages.asmx

      function GetRadicalWordImageURL()
      Provide images of radical characters. 8,542 images are available.
      function GetStrokeImageURL()
      Provide images of Chinese character stroke orders. 5,503 images are available.
      function GetPartsImageURL()
      Provide images of 517 components.
      function GetRadicalImageURL()
      Provide images of 214 radicals.
  • TOCFL 8,000
    • GetTOCFLInfo.asmx

      function GetTOCFLInformation()
      Provide the search tool for 8,000 TOCFL Words, which allows users to find words in the list of 8,000 TOCFL Words and their levels.